Google Encourages Conference Attendees to Use ‘Preferred Pronoun’ Stickers

Google encouraged attendees at its I/O developers conference to use preferred pronoun stickers, even providing non-binary options such as “They/Them,” and “Ze/Hir.”

“We care about your pronouns,” declared Google on a sign at the conference. “Add a sticker to your badge to share with others which ones you prefer.”

Attendees were able to pick from “He/Him,” “She/Her,” “They/Them,” and “Ze/Hir.”

The pronoun stickers were celebrated by some conference attendees.

Others opted to criticize and mock the stickers.

According to SFGate, “Pronoun stickers are becoming increasingly common at conferences to foster inclusiveness and reduce instances of misgendering. The American Association of Physics Teachers uses the stickers at its conferences, for example.”

Microsoft Build Live, another technology conference which took place this week, also distributed pronoun stickers.

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