Polls close in West Virginia, Indiana, Ohio and North Carolina

The political world is watching West Virginia to see if ex-convict and coal baron Don Blankenship defeats Attorney General Patrick Morrisey and Rep. Evan Jenkins in the Republican race to take on Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin.
Don Blankenship looks to send Trump a message with a primary win in West Virginia

Don Blankenship looks to send Trump a message with a primary win in West Virginia

There are also GOP Senate primaries in Indiana and Ohio, two other states where President Donald Trump won in 2016 and Democratic incumbents are up for re-election this fall.
In Indiana, self-funding businessman and former state Rep. Mike Braun is taking on the two men his campaign ads have cast as cardboard cutouts: Reps. Todd Rokita and Luke Messer.
The winner will take on Sen. Joe Donnelly in what could be the GOP’s best chance of picking off a Democratic-held seat.
In Ohio, Rep. Jim Renacci takes on self-funding businessman Mike Gibbons in the GOP primary to face Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown.
But the state’s gubernatorial primaries are the main event.
On the Democratic side, Richard Cordray, the former Consumer Financial Protection Bureau head, faces Sen. Bernie Sanders-backed former Rep. Dennis Kucinich. For the Republicans, Attorney General Mike DeWine faces Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor.
House races in Ohio and North Carolina will also get attention on election night.
In Ohio, the primaries for former GOP Rep. Pat Tiberi’s 12th District seat will set up a potentially competitive August special election. In North Carolina, Republican Reps. Robert Pittenger and Walter Jones are attempting to fend off primary challenges.