Nancy Pelosi is fine with Democratic candidates opposing her: 'I'm all for winning'

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi has no problem with Democratic House candidates opposing her if it means they win their elections.

“I think if they have to do that to win an election … I’m all for winning,” the California Democrat said Tuesday at a Politico event.

Republicans have repeatedly attacked Pelosi and tied House candidates in swing districts to her. In an ad released this week after Pelosi said she would run for another term as House speaker if her party won a majority in November, the House Republicans’ campaign arm said, “with Pelosi as speaker, everything we fought for will come undone.”

The GOP has focused on her comments that she wants to reverse some of the tax cuts passed by Republicans in December, a goal she reaffirmed on Tuesday.

With Republicans weaponizing Pelosi, some Democratic candidates have either declined to support or outright opposed her leadership. At least 20 Democrats running for House seats have taken one of those stances, according to The Washington Post.

Rep. Conor Lamb, D-Pa., won a March special election in a district recently dominated by Republicans in part by distancing himself from Pelosi.

Pelosi said Tuesday she would face the possible repercussions of her caucus actually casting votes against her when the time comes.

Democrats hope to win 23 GOP-held House seats to take a majority in the chamber in November. Winning swing districts in which candidates may feel the need to denounce Pelosi is crucial to their effort.