Kerry: Trump Iran Deal Withdrawal Has ‘Taken a Situation Where There Was No Crisis, and Created Crisis’

On Tuesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Deadline: White House,” former Secretary of State John Kerry stated that by withdrawing from the Iran nuclear deal, President Trump has “created crisis,” in a situation where there wasn’t a crisis.

Kerry stated, “What the president has done by withdrawing unilaterally is placed the United States in breach of this agreement. He has literally taken a situation where there was no crisis, and created crisis, by transferring to Iran, sanctions that were meant with respect to the nuclear agreement itself. Now, we all agree that there are problems with Iran in terms of Yemen, in terms of its influence in other countries, Hezbollah, its missiles. Those are legitimate problems. And by the way, every one of those we kept in the agreement. We have sanctions availability for missiles. We have sanctions for arms embargo. So — and we raised those, by the way, in the Obama administration. So, the fact is that what the president has done is unilaterally broken a multilateral agreement that was working to prevent Iran from having a nuclear weapon.”

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