Donald Trump Informs Emmanuel Macron of Plan to Kill Iran Deal

President Donald Trump spoke with French President Emannuel Macron to inform him of his plan to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal, according to a New York Times report.

The president phoned Macron on Tuesday morning to inform him of his decision. The Times cited “a person briefed on the conversation” with his message.

During Macron’s April state visit to Washington D.C., Trump made it clear that the Iran Deal was a “terrible deal.”

“It’s insane. It’s ridiculous,” the president said during a meeting with Macron at the White House. “It should never have been made, but we will be talking about it.”

Economic sanctions on Iran will likely be reinstated as Trump wants to send a tougher message to their leaders that stands apart from the conciliatory tone set by former President Barack Obama’s administration.

The president plans to publicly announce his decision on the deal at the White House at 2:00 pm on Tuesday afternoon.