Trump Requests Extension to File 2017 Taxes

WASHINGTON — Millions of Americans were scrambling to meet the Internal Revenue Service deadline to file their tax returns on Tuesday. President Trump was not among them.

The White House said Mr. Trump filed an extension for his 2017 tax return and that he will submit his complete return by mid-October.

“The president filed an extension for his 2017 tax return, as do many Americans with complex returns. He will file his tax return by the extension deadline of October 15, 2018,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the White House press secretary, said in a statement.

In June of last year, Mr. Trump also filed for an extension of his 2016 taxes.

Mr. Trump’s tax returns have long been a source of speculation and criticism, given his decision to break with presidential norms and not publicly release his returns while running for office. Mr. Trump has insisted that he was advised not to do so because they were under an ongoing Internal Revenue Service audit.

Presidents routinely release their tax returns while running for office and once they assume the presidency, in part to show how much they earned and how much they donated to charity. President Barack Obama’s returns showed his personal income plummeting once he assumed office.

While portions of Mr. Trump’s returns have leaked out in the past, they remain one of the most closely guarded secrets in Washington. Last year, the outgoing I.R.S. commissioner, John Koskinen, said that the agency was building a new vault to protect hard copies of the returns.

All presidential tax returns are automatically audited, making it increasingly unlikely that Mr. Trump will willingly release his returns while sitting in office.

Mr. Trump has said that as a businessman he fought to pay as little tax as possible so that the government would not waste his money.

Michael D. Shear contributed reporting.