Tax Day! Donald Trump Celebrates Death of Old System

President Donald Trump celebrated the end of the old system of filing taxes on Tax Day and touted the benefits of reform.

“So many people are seeing the benefits of the Tax Cut Bill,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Tuesday. “Everyone is talking, really nice to see! Employment is up, Taxes are DOWN. Enjoy!”

On Monday, the president hosted an event with Hispanic business leaders in Florida, who explained how the tax bill was already helping them.

“This is the last time you’re going to fill up that long, complicated, horrible return,” Trump told the audience.

He pointed out that in 2019, filing taxes would be easier, as most people would be able to file a one-page tax return.

“Very importantly, you’re going to have a lot of money left over from what you have,” Trump said.

The president reminded the audience that lower taxes for businesses would help bring more companies back into the United States to help produce more jobs.

“Companies are moving back into our country now,” Trump said. “We have billions of dollars, and even trillions of dollars, going to be coming back in.”