Dem Rep Lieu: Sean Hannity, Fox News Should ‘Apologize’ to Viewers

Monday on CNN’s “Situation Room,” Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) said in light of Michael Cohen‘s lawyer naming Fox News host Sean Hannity as Cohen’s client today in court, both Hannity and Fox news should “apologize” to viewers for misleading them.

Lieu said, “Well, look, Wolf, unlike you, Sean Hannity is not a serious journalist and he has said that. He said he’s not a journalist. He is a talk show host, but even still, Sean Hannity should have disclosed the special relationship he had with Michael Cohen if he’s going to run a whole bunch of stories about the raid on Michael Cohen’s office and say how that was so bad. I think Sean Hannity misled his audience and he should apologize to his viewers.”

He added Fox News “should also apologize to their audience because you had a massive conflict of interest that was not disclosed to the people watching that show.”

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