Colin Kaepernick Arrives at NFL HQ to Depose Commissioner Goodell

Some might find it odd for a person to travel the country with his legal team to depose the NFL commissioner, while seeking a job in the NFL.

However, this does not seem to bother Colin Kaepernick at all.

TMZ cameras caught the NFL’s most famous anthem protester as he and his high-powered lawyers entered the league offices in New York.

“I’m doing great,” Kaepernick said. the former 49er added, “I love y’all and we gonna keep going!”

According to TMZ, “Our NFL sources tell us … Colin and the team are at HQ to depose Goodell as part of Colin’s collusion case against the NFL — in which he claims league officials like Goodell conspired with team owners to blackball him because of his kneeling protest during the national anthem.

“We know Kaep’s team has already deposed Houston Texans owner Bob McNair — and there are reports Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and NFL executive vice president Troy Vincent were grilled this past week.”

Interestingly, a member of Kaepernick’s entourage was carrying an Adidas bag. The shoe and athletic apparel giant made headlines on Tuesday, by announcing that they would sign Kaepernick to an endorsement deal if he got picked up by an NFL team.

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