Rex Tillerson Parts Ways With White House On Good Terms, Leaves A Hero

Rex Tillerson was asked by the president on Friday to step aside, the reason why the president wanted to make the change now is that he wanted to have a new team in place for his dealings with North Korea.

The President also wanted to have a new team in place for all of the trade negotiations that are going to be happening this year with, with infrastructure now looking like it’s really not going to go anywhere.

Trade will be the big focus of this administration for the next, uh, eight to nine months. And the president wanted to make sure that he had a team in there that he really likes you really trust because it’s no secret that while Rex Tillerson had a vote of confidence from the president early on the 2 of them simply had different ideas and needed to part ways as friends.

Tillerson always seemed kind of like the odd person out at the white house. When it came to sorting of the public face of diplomacy, he was operating more as a CEO doing a lot of things behind closed doors, getting his own lines of communication going and that, that wasn’t really jiving with the way that the State Department has traditionally done things.

Again, the president told Tillerson on Friday that he would be stepping aside, and that he considered him a hero, sources inside the white house report.