Trump Thinks Rational On Gun Control And Sets A Great Example For The GOP


President Trump has broken out of his personal drive to raise the minimum gun buy age from 18 years to 21 and chosen instead to hand the choice to a national commission.

This shift comes after months of NRA resistance against raising the minimum purchase age and two weeks after the NRA filed suit against Florida for raising their minimum gun buy age to 21.

At 9 pm Sunday night that the Associated Press reported, “In a move sure to please the powerful gun lobby, [the plan in response to school shootings] does not include a push to increase the minimum age for purchasing assault weapons to 21. That’s a step President Donald Trump has repeatedly championed.” Any decision on raising the era now falls into a national commission which “will examine the age issue, as well as a long list of others topics, as part of a longer-term look at school safety and violence.”

The Washington Post reports the commission will be chaired by Education Secretary Betsy Devos.

On Monday morning Trump clarified the shift and subsequent delay on raising minimum rifle purchase age is meant to give time to “[watch] court cases and rulings before acting.”