Why Hollywood Should Stay out of Politics

Thanks to the media of today, it’s ever-so-easy to influence people. As soon as you see something on the news or on Twitter, you’re probably going to believe it. It could be some silly meme video of a prank that people take way too seriously such as Roadman Shaq’s infamous “the ting goes skrr” rap video (hint: he’s a comedian!) or fake quotes from the Hilary-endorsed platform Verrit. No matter what people see, they’re going to believe it’s true if they have some conscious bias.

But let’s take a step back for a moment. Anyone can easily be influenced in this world. If your mother or father tell you something when you’re young then there’s a good chance you’ll believe it for a long time. Many people used to think that swallowing chewing gum means it’ll sit in your stomach for 7 years before it finally digests. While it’s sort of true that your body can’t digest gum, it’s actually untrue that it’ll stay in your stomach for 7 years (it actually passes through relatively intact inside of your poop).

With Great Power Lies Great Responsibility

Unfortunately, it’s down to those figures of power to separate facts from fiction and reality from fantasy. If you’re in a position of power, then you need to understand the type of influence you have on people around you. Some of the most influential people in the world are celebrities, more specifically those that we see on the big screen: Hollywood stars. Be it Robert Downey Jr of Iron Man fame or Samuel L. Jackson, big-name celebrities really have to watch their mouths because the things they could have some serious effects on the general public.

Let’s also not forget that these actors regularly congregate in groups to share opinions among themselves. One uneducated or biased opinion merges with another, and they form this hivemind opinion that resonates with everyone who’s part of that circle. Luckily, there are a few that like to separate themselves and show some ounce of intellect, but the rest seem to parrot the same nonsense opinions.

The Trump-Bashing Never Ends

When Trump won the election back in 2016 (much to the dismay of Hillary supporters) it shook the entire world. However, most people have learned to live with his decisions (for better or for worse) and life continues. People moved on, some stayed behind, and others are still bashing him. The types of comments that celebrities spouted before the election took place are astonishing and the lack of follow-through is embarrassing. For instance, Bryan Cranston stated that he would “definitely move” if Trump became president. Once the results came in, the Breaking Bad actor took to Twitter to express his shock at the result, but unsurprisingly had no comments regarding his proposed move to Canada in wake of Trump’s victory.

You’d think that after almost a year since Trump’s victory, most of us would have settled in and accepted Trump as president. But of course, the whining doesn’t end and it’s always the figureheads and celebrities that are first to jump on social media to spout their “controversial” opinions that people lap up and accept as law.

The latest event to “celebrate” Trump’s victory in a childish fashion happened during the 69th Emmy Awards. While Hollywood thought it was funny to spend the majority of the event attacking President Trump, the rest of America found it less than enjoyable. If it wasn’t already clear to the public, Hollywood is a bubble and the Emmys is just a personification of their attitude to politics. They spread their opinions among themselves and do nothing more than repeat what their neighbors say.

Instead of celebrating television shows (the purpose of the Emmys) the three-hour program essentially bashed the US President the whole way through. It just goes to show that Hollywood has an agenda and they won’t walk away from politics no matter how hard their rating tanks. They want to force politics into the lives of every American, whether they care or not, and it’s driving most of the public insane.

Can You Really Blame the Public?

Hollywood stars will always be figureheads and idols. The American population (at least, a large majority of it) will look to Hollywood for inspiration and words to follow. Unfortunately, these people do nothing but help spread their Trump-bashing messages due to a lack of education on the subject.

Although much of the blame lies within their lack of facts and care on the subject, it doesn’t help that such influential people are spreading these messages that they have no idea about. After the farce that was the 69th Emmy awards, it’s clear to most people that Hollywood is a bubble of political opinions and hate that is waiting to be popped.