Reports coming from Washington state that the first major step has been made in the process of President Trump’s border wall.

Reports coming from Washington state that the first major step has been made in the process of President Trump’s border wall.

President Trump’s election campaign was heavily built upon the concept of a wall on the southern border of the U.S. He promised to erect one in the hope that it will keep out illegal immigrants from Mexico. It will stretch for miles and miles, making it a gigantic and expensive construction.

Needless to say, the idea of Trump’s wall has received mixed responses across the board. Up until recently, he’d made no strides towards actually building it. During his first days in office, he made a point of saying that Mexico would help pay for the construction of the wall. However, they are a  long way from seeing eye-to-eye on this issue.

As recently as August 31st, there were signs that steps were being made in the right direction for Trump and his wall. The Department of Homeland Security has allegedly begun sourcing out contracts to companies that will aim to build the wall. Each of these companies has now been given the task of creating designs for the border wall. They’ll produce prototypes that will be studied and tested by the government to see which one comes out on top. These prototypes are believed to be around 30 ft x 30 ft regarding length and height. Whichever one they choose will be tasked with building the massive wall itself.

There have been four companies named by the government: Caddell Construction, Texas Sterling Construction Co., W.g. Yates & Sons Construction, and Fisher Industries. Reports currently suggest that all four companies will begin construction within the next few weeks. When all prototypes are submitted, it will still take up to two months for a final decision to be given.

170831-border-wall-graphic-ew-444p_cd30348ec417e4d62d5a0a16a4462af9.nbcnews-ux-2880-1000The decision will be based on various tests to see how durable the wall is, how hard it is to bypass, how good it looks, and a lot more. The contracts have all been funded by the government and are already in the budget for this year.

Trump has gone on record to suggest that solar technology may be used on the wall. He believes that a solar wall will generate electricity all year round and help make money to recover the costs of building it.

Speaking of which, he’s still determined that Mexico will pay for at least part of the construction. The most recent predictions from the DHS put the entire wall project at around $21 billion.

Since the announcement of the contracts, there has been even more opposition to this idea, largely from the Democratic Party. Many people continue to question the need for a wall, particularly one that will drain the country’s resources, take a very long time to build, and cost a lot of money. There’s also the argument that the wall could be knocked down once Trump is finished in office. Thus rendering its construction as a waste of time and money.

For the time being it seems President Trump is serious about this proposition and the four contracted companies will begin constructing prototypes very soon.