Trusting Media Outlets – How do you know your are receiving unbiased opinions and facts?

Before you read this, let me just say this: I have no political party affiliation, I am not right, I am not left… I am American. My goal is to simply inspire people to think for themselves and be able to identify when they are being misled. 

Our current political climate has created “civil war” on many fronts. From political issues to popular opinion, the country is divided like never before. So i pose the question; how can you trust that the news you are receiving has no greater agenda behind it?

Bias is not a new concept, its evidently clear in our personal and professional lives. Matter of fact, its actually part of human nature and its a very difficult thing to overcome. Especially when it comes to issues that provoke strong emotional responses like our current political climate is doing right now. So can we blame the producers and executives of large media outlets for having opinions? No of course not, they are human just like you and I. However, I ask you at what point does free speech become a threat to national security. What good can come from creating fear or doubt in our system? Here is the most important one…What does it say about a journalist who only reports one side of an issue?

The Media Creates Fear And Undermines The Political Process

Let’s use the “Russian election hacking story” as an example. First and foremost – there is not a single shred of evidence that even one mechanical election system, counting machine or anything involving the process of the actual election was “hacked”. Secondly – every major world power including the USA has their “wish list” of who they would like to see running certain countries. Russia for example has been well cited for trying to sway elections in Poland for more than 200 years, for the media to use the term “hacking” is purely misleading. Mainstream media however, in their all infinite wisdom decides to let Americans think that a foreign power attacked the sacred institution of our election process – when in fact they have been trying to sway almost every election world wide for centuries. The Media not only incited fear with this (which is counter productive and un-American) – they’re actively undermining a sitting US president, which some would consider treason.

Why Is It So Hard For Americans To Work Together?

Pretty simply put – if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. The question I pose here is – as a media outlet, if all you are doing is highlighting problems, and the negatives of situations, are you a part of the problem or a part of the solution? When was the last time the media highlighted a positive thing that President Trump has achieved?

Think of the average American at their work – would they:

A. Work better with positive reinforcement and a supportive team behind them
B. Fail miserably at every task because not only are they fighting the task itself, but now also the people who put them in that job.

The answer seems pretty clear t0 me.

The Media Has Become Part Of The Political Decision Making Process

When did the job title of reporter of news anchor become as important a role as US Congressman (or woman). Lately it seems like it may actually be more important a role when it comes to forming public opinion or taking a stance. When did the news become an opinion based rant vs reporting the facts of a situation and equally telling the story of both sides. For media sources to betray the public trust like they have been doing, is the single root of why issues become bigger than they are, tweets are now prime time news and the issues that actually matter fall under the radar – we might as well begin to call the political parties Fox, CNN and NBC.

So the next time you watch the news – do a little research first. Who owns this channel? Which candidates did they contribute to financially? What party do the executives belong to (or the anchors and producers)? Then and only then can you begin to see with open eyes why the same story can be reported by 2 different media outlets in 2 very different ways. Then and only then can you begin to form YOUR OWN opinions.

This is an old stat but it is pretty telling


Here is a little data to help aid your research, once you read these articles, you will start to see just how hard a road the President has in front of him. It’s quite impressive that he is still of sound mind. I think its an accurate statement to say that most Americans would have given up, shot someone or committed suicide by now if they were in his shoes. So wether you agree with what he does or not…you must at least agree that his fortitude has been impressive.

Top Organization Contributors

19 out of every 20 campaign dollars donated by the media industry are being given to Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Here is an interesting information source that shows lots of data about who is contributing to whom and you may find that lots of things start to make more sense once you research them a bit.