How does America avoid the political civil war and restore balance?

We live in a world where chaos is the new norm. Many people have strong opinions left or right, but neither side can seem to find the middle ground. Why is this? Is the principal of balance and hearing both sides of an issue not what this country and whole political system founded on? So how did we get so far away from this, and how did this “political civil war” begin?

What Qualifies You To Run For Congress?

What makes a corporate executive more qualified than a school teacher for example? Is it their ideas? Is it their experience? Is it simply because one knows how to better speak the words the masses want to hear regardless of the truth behind the syllables? I pose no answers to these questions here. The purpose of my writings is not to sway your opinion, but rather to let your form your own by asking full and complete questions to yourself!

What Do We Need In Our Politicians?

It is a well known fact that most politicians claim to speak for the people in their district. How true is this really? Ask yourself this question –  Is your congressman simply saying what the people want him or her to, or are they doing what they actually believe in? Is the recent polling data swaying what they believe in simply for the purpose of being re-elected or running for a higher office? Here is the kicker…how would you do it differently?

How does the balance get restored?

With so many strong opinions left or right, how can there ever be peace? What needs to happen for everyone to remember one simple fact: We are all Americans. Our country was founded on a set of core values and a belief system in which the people have a voice. At what point does the voice of a select few who claim to be qualified to lead us represent the whole of the American people. When will our leaders stop hurting each other and taking the focus away from the issues at hand? How can we as Americans contribute to restoring the peace?

Only you has the answers to these questions, each of you is not right or wrong. My goals is to spread the idea of empathy, the idea that we need to begin to listen to each other and find the common ground. After all, is that not what makes America great?